Getting a full width page


I’m trying to get a full-width author’s bio page. I removed all my sidebar widgets, but I still have “search” and “archives” there. How do I get it to full-width?

My website url is:



It’s seems similar with this thread, maybe you can follow the steps to have full width from those thread.

btw, I can’t access your site.

My website had a typo and that is why you couldn’t access it. It’s actually And if you look under portfolio you can see that the sidebar has archives and search widgets. Although technically I don’t have them in the sidebar settings, it’s still there? And the link you gave me: I saw the instructions but I’m not very good at it, so I really don’t know how to add those codes in which sections. I have page attributes on the side of my page settings but it has no settings for full width or even left post etc. all there is is which parent I want to attach the page to.

I already tried the same method and partially worked. (I could get rid of the search and meta section, but the content is still the same size)

I´d appreciate some help!

my website is:


I just check your site and I think there is error occured on your child theme because the HTML code of the theme is not work properly

Hi Awanm yes, I just realized that by trying to go full width page somehow I eliminated the header image… Any suggestions to fix this now that I got the full width page?