Get rid Spaces

There is an option to remove all the spaces between the image?, also hide the page name.
Only the image appear after the menu and before the footer

Thank You


In your case it must be done with custom css, but you can try different approach.
Edit your page > add Row > add empty text widget, then go to wrench icon and edit row and also set Page template to Front Page (it doesn’t matter that it won’t be front page) -

After that set background image and Row Layout to Full Width - in addition you can set Top/bottom padding to for example 300.

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Thank you dimikjones,

I did what you say, at this time the space between the image and menu disappeared, but the space between the image and the footer stays there, can you help me with another suggestion?


Seems that you didn’t follow instructions correctly because you should end up with this.

Instead, you use visual editor and add image inside it :slight_smile: . You can stay with your approach, just apply custom css code below:

.page-id-679 div#pg-679-0 div {
    padding-bottom: 0 !important;

div#panel-679-0-0-0 .textwidget p {
    margin: 0;

Use simple custom css plugin to apply the code.

This is result.

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