Get rid off transparency in Header Menu


i really would like to get rid of the transparency in the Header Menu of the ASTRID Theme. There were the Logo/Title and Navigation is.
When you scroll your page this Header turns transparent - i have tried every single entry in the SITE-HEADER section of the style.css but without any result. Also I implemented various additional CSS code as found in this forum but it also didnt help.

Anyone can help me ?

Hello @pe1234,

Please try to use the following CSS code.

You can add CSS code in Dashboard → Appearance → Customize → Additional CSS (WordPress 4.7 and up).

#masthead {
    background-color: rgb(32,37,41);

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thank you very much Roman. It worked :slight_smile:

Great! You are welcome @pe1234! :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.