General updates discontinued

I updated my purchased Moesia Pro theme, but now I get this:

I have to ask on this forum to receive general updates ???

Hello there,

The current version of Moesia Pro is 1.66. If you are running it already, we don’t have general update to send to you directly at this time.

aThemes Support


Have you bought Moesia Pro a really long time ago? You’re not registered with this email and I can’t check.

Some years ago, we had created a different version of Moesia Pro which you needed to update to manually the first time. We sent out an email about that.
Tell me the email address you used to buy Moesia with so I can check, please.


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Thank you. Yes some years ago. But I do have a lifetime license. I just sent you with private message.

My current theme version is 1.58 and I cannot update anymore.

Please help me get latest version?

Thank you, I have sent you my emailaddress.

I have this exact same issue. I’m not sure how to to PM my email address but the same one from my profile was used to purchase the license.

Hi @heberrod,

The theme is available in your account, please go to

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