General Tab under Appearance - Customize not working in TheShop Theme


I’m using TheShop theme and when I go to Appearance > Customize, the “General” section is not working. When I go there it says “Preloader Text”…“Loading”.

Also, I want to have the cart icon in the navigation menu like the TheShop demo. I looked in the support forum and it said to check in the General section. Obviously, the General section isn’t working, so I’m not sure how else I can get the cart icon in the nav menu.

Thanks for any help,

  • Zach


The General option on the customizer is only used to change the preloader text.
To add a cart button on your site, make sure you have install Woocommerce plugin first.


Hi Awan,

Thanks for getting back to me. I have the Woocommerce plugin installed, but I still can’t figure out how to add the cart icon like on TheShop demo.

I’m sorry Aman, I just figured it out. Thanks for your help. One last question. For TheShop Product Categories section, is there any way to make them links?


I think the product categories items is already linked. Or can you explain more about your questions?