General questions about Moesia Pro


Hi there!

Thinking about buying this theme for my website and have some general questions:

  1. Does this theme SEO-ready? Has some built-in functionality for that? Clean code, valid headers?

  2. As far as I see there are pre-designed set of blocks that I could use on a page. Is there a possibility for me to add my own blocks? Or use on of the blocks more than one time on a page?

  3. Do these pre-designed blocks (like Employees, Testimonials etc) could be used on other pages apart from Front Page? The reason is I need a lot of Landing Pages on my site.

  4. Is there a possibility to see some admin pages for the theme? Like screenshots or do you have test account?

Thanks a lot!



  1. SEO functionality isn’t allowed on the free WP repository, therefore we don’t add it in our paid themes either. It’s something that should belong in a plugin, not in a theme. Other than that we are respecting the general best practices about headings and stuff.
    2&3. Those are widgets we built for the theme. You can use them on any page by building that page with the recommended page builder plugin. So you can use any widget you like, it doesn’t have to be from the theme.
  2. There aren’t many differences in terms of admin pages between the free and the pro versions. You can see the full list of extras here.