General page and settings


this them ist really good an and easy to set up. But one thing (at customers view) has to be changed.

If you see the first site (general), you get die responsive picture.
How do an new visitor know, that he has to scroll down to the the page and menu?

If he found the content, every time you choose an menu tag, you get the general responsive picture and you have to scroll down again to see the content.

Why does it keep the hight of the content area?

Is there somethong wrong in the options?

WP is the newest one. 4.1

thx a lot :slight_smile:


There is nothing wrong. You can disable the header image for all pages except the front page from Customize > Welcome Area. Also, from there you can add a button that says Click to scroll or whatever you like and link it to #site-navigation.

Hi there,

This is a question about Intro theme. Just installed it and it is brilliant. Nice work.

The only thing I can’t seem to figure out at the moment is how to change the colour of the title text that comes before the animated strings text.

It is currently ‘Hello Welcome to Intro’ in the demo with ‘Hello’ in white (which I don’t know how to change) and ‘Welcome to Intro’ in yellow.

I’ve played around with all the font colour options in the customiser but so far no joy. I have a header image which has alot of white space on it which is why I’d like to change the ‘Hello’ text from white to a darker colour.

Is this possible?


Use this in a custom CSS plugin:

.header-container h1 {
    color: #333;

And use the Intro forums please.

Thx a lot for the answer an the alternative link “menu navigation” with the button option.
But it does not solve the problem, that the site shows at each navigation through the menu the welcome page.
Disable the headeremaige does not work…
I´ll try it again…

Oh ok. i understand now the mechanism with die "disable Option"