GDPR save to use sydney?

is sydney gdpr ok or is there any comunicating data?
I only can find a problem with google fonts.
Are there other problems with gdpr?

Hello there,

Is there any information you can provide to help me understand what GDPR is?


At 25th may 2018 we have completely new law in whole european union and no longer allowed to use themes and software which give data to developer or third party.
Read here:

I got it. Thanks!

GDPR is not theme’s territory, as it stands for appearance design of your site. WordPress has a flexibility to cooperate with other system. You can manually add extra script to your site via child theme, or use a plugin. For GDPR, you can use this one. Once installed, you can run Sydney on your site system.


This sentence is wrong: “GDPR is not themes territory” because
all themes known to me do not include fonts locally, because for this the theme would have to completely contain all fonts offered.
For example GoogleFonts collect the ip-adress of the visitor and sent it to there own google server. So this means Google Fonts is a problem to use in European Union.
Very often themes contains like buttons.
The use of “Like” button on websites causes data transfer of data (example: IP address) with the servers of the social network - usually to an unknown location - unnoticed by the visitor. The use of such social plugins is therefore legally extremely risky at present, because the Internet user neither knows which data is transferred nor what happens to them.

So this is could be another problem with theme.

And there are many more.
So this is the reason I am asking. What data will get collected from sydney in background? Will go data to developer or to third party?
I need to know. And I think all other users from European Union too.


@kharisblank We do need to have options to allow for local font storage so that we are GDPR conformant. You see major themes like Avada and Enfold taking steps to provide this support. Please let us know if you intend to provide this also.