Gaps btween header,page title & text content


I am a newbie on a learning curve with Sydney Pro.

I want to reduce the space between the header image and page title/sidebar content on both my front page and other content pages.

I also want to reduce the space between the page title and the beginning of any content/text

I guess there is some code required what it it and exactly where do I put it please?

I dis find another post which seemed similar to what I want to do and the resolution was to insert

.site-content {
margin-top: 60px;

but it did not say where ?

I have managed to use the custom css editor to remove the “create menu here” from the header so would it be something similar?


I forgot to give my site it is:


That code you posted doesn’t apply for Sydney.
What you need is this:

.page-wrap {
      padding: 83px 0 100px;

Just add this code right below the one you added to remove the menu and change 83px (top padding - before content) and 100px (bottom padding - after content).

Thanks for quick response. I will give that a try.

Nice theme good support.

Thanks again.


Right I can narrow the gap between the header and the page title all ok but how can I reduce the gap between the page title and actual text?

Currently it is far too big for me.

Many thanks for your help.

Sorry, haven’t noticed that question.

I see you’re using the page builder for your pages. Edit your page and you see the page builder rows, each row has an Edit Row option on the right side of the row. Click on it and you’ll find the row options, including top/bottom padding. Write your value there.

OK thanks for that I am getting the hang of it now.