Gap between header and posts

Hey! I was looking to shorten my header so the posts are visible without scrolling. I was able to shorten it, but now there is a gap between the posts and the header. How do I fix that gap? here is the website with the issue.


You shortened only the image to 50% as far as I can see, you didn’t shorten the actual element. And you won’t be able to do it with 50%, you need a size in pixels.
But see Customize > Header Image, there are some options there for this.

I have tried those. I want that front picture only half the screen. It didn’t change anything when I messed with those.

Here are the things I can change under header

Header max height > 1199px

Header max height > 1024px

Welcome info offset top > 1199px

Welcome info offset top > 991px

None of those things do what I’m looking for. I had to manually go into the code and shorten the header by 50%. Am I not seeing an option you are? Oh and if I crop the photo shorter it just zooms in so the picture still covers the whole screen…

Just realized there is a update for the theme. I’ll see what happens now that I’m updating it.

I updated it and it didn’t change anything. I can’t shorten it. Where would I be able to shorten the header element thing so the posts can be halfway up the page?