Gallery width

I use “Huge it portfolio gallery” in theme "sydney"
The picture gallery do not fil out my page in “full width”.
There are always white board on left or right.
How can i widen my gallery in page so it streches a bit more
My wbsite is and the page is work.
I got support from “Huge it” how are not able to answer this question, it retates to my theme.


From what I can see the gallery container is set correctly, at full width. I don’t know how the gallery items widths are calculated in this plugin and why they’re not correct.
Can you disable your minify plugin for a bit?

Hi Vlad

Sorry - wich are my minfigs plugins ? I will do it as soon as I know how

W3 Total Cache. Clear the cache from it for a bit and disable minification.

Hi Vlad

Just done that. Its actually on every page - the container or body for page and widget - ( is that right ) - is not transparante.

Good luck