Gallery Page Image Size Discrepancy

Hello, my URL is, the issue I have is on the Gallery page, if you look at the images on top, they are all displaying correctly but if you scroll all the way to the last two images, they are displaying very large thumbnails instead of the same size as all other images. The plugin used on this page is Simple Lightbox Gallery. I double checked all the images and they are all the same size as the ones on top. I can’t figure out why only these two would be displaying differently. I have been looking in the code, in lightbox gallery options for past 4 hours but can’t seem to find where the issue is. Appreciate any help I can get.


I am not sure what cause it. But I think its because the resolution of the last images have much different with the others.
From this screenshot (, you’ll see that the image resolution is 400 x 1080. And the other one is 1920 x 1281 So, I think that’s why the plugin is failed to re-size the imaged OR the image would have different size

Maybe you can try to re-size your last image manually using graphic tool?

@Awan Not sure how that would be since when I uploaded those initial photos, they were exactly the same resolution of 1920 X 1281 and somehow when I added them to the gallery, it automatically adjusted to a lower resolution and re-sized it but seems like it is not doing the same for these last two photos.