Gallery/our work plugin


Hi, Kharis thanks for ur help making my website today i am working on my gallery page using gallery plugin but its not as good as i want when i click the foto i need little more bigger fotos when i click it to show our work more visible

i send the link of a website which have gallery with bigger fotos plz chk




This isn’t a WordPress site, and it’s not using one of our themes.


Mr.Charlie can u plz suggest any plugin which solve my problem and also compatible with sydney theme plz


Can you please send a link to the page you working on so I can see what you have so far?


Sir actually i am working on localhost so unable to post the link but i am using the simple gallery plugin i am able to create a grid form gallery but when i click the foto its just a post card size and no option to increase the size thats why i need another plugin which allow me to increase the size when i click to see it any plugin that u suggest for which also work with sydney theme

thank u


Hi, Fatima,

I thought Jetpack Carousel would be worth to try. It works with gallery shortcode. You would insert it in text widget.