Full Width?

Hi! I use moesia pro.

How can i use my google map or a single image (masterclube.com) in full width? Is it possible?

I tried to put the whole page in full width (on page atributes) but, when i did, it looked like this: masterclube.com/test, similar to a post.


Full width doesn’t exactly mean from one side of the screen to another. It just means that there is no sidebar and the content takes the place of the sidebar. You can use the front page template on inner pages too if you want.

Oh i get it now.
But is it possible to use my google map (on home page) or another widget in full width? (one side of the screen to another)

Yeap, for masterclube.com, right?
Use this in a custom CSS plugin to make your map full width:

#panel-2-3-0-0 {
     max-width: 100%;
     padding: 0;

THANKS!! :slight_smile: