Full width static pages (not front page )

Hi all,

I have read the documentation and I have looked for informations in this forum but I still having some troubles with the width of my pages (not the front page).
Look at this static page : http://www.liberton.es/blog/?page_id=2349
It seems the page is split in two … I have tried creating rows, creating another page from scratch, I also changed the template for this page but I do not understand why I doesn’t use the full width of the screen …
I’m sorry if I could have found the solution in any other post but I didn’t see it.
Anyone can help?
Thanks a lot.


That’s your blog page as far as I can see. It won’t use page templates. See Customize > Blog options > Layout.


Thanks a lot ! Wonderful.
In the same way, more or less : I use a big picture in the home page but if the screen’s resolution is high (like 1368px) the image doesn’t not cover all the width of the screen … even if the original file is bigger than the resolution selected … It is not a big deal, I just noticed it today at work.
Thanks again for your time and explanations.

You’ve set your header image to be contained as far as I can see so it won’t cover the header fully. I also don’t see it full width. Switch to cover from Customize > Header image.

Hey Vlad

Do you think I could make the single project page full width ?

Sure. It’s a post not a page so page templates won’t work, but you can add this if you have a custom CSS plugin or child theme:

.single-projects .content-area {
      width: 100%;
.single-projects .widget-area {
      display: none;

Nice. Thank you very much, Vlad.
Have a lovely day !!