Full Width Rows not working


My site has been finished for a while and uses page builder to create full width rows like in your demo front page.

When I checked my site today, I noticed that the full width rows are no longer working.

I’ve just checked your demo site and it’s also broken on there so it seems you have the same problem.

IS there a fix for this? Is it because of a wordpress/page builder update?

Many thanks,


Dear Dan,

Our demo site works fine https://cloudup.com/clPHn6m4fJy. Could you please try on other PC/network?


Thanks for your reply,

I’ve checked your demo site on multiple pcs and browsers, weirdly, the header image stays full width and the angled section dividers are still full width, but all your full width rows have white padding either side (see screenshots) https://cloudup.com/chofuI0y_70

This is the same thing that’s happening to a number of my website that are built using your theme (see links).


The rows are supposed to stretch edge to edge and did so when I built them so it may have been broken with a plugin update or something??

Hello there,

What version of IE are you using? Does the issue also to happen with the latest version?