Full width row only displaying with firebug turned on

Hi and thanks for a great theme…
Can you please help me with an issue i think is related to jquery. Certain functions only work with FIREBUG turned on… like pagebuilder / row / full width (or pagebuilder / masonry: the masonry query i solved by inserting the shortcode in the text widget in page builder). I tried to solve the issue by searching console.log, but did not manage.
On my home page i inserted a Meta Slider titled NEWS with the page builder giving the row full width. but the full width is only displaying on the right side, not on the left side.
It just works when i turn firebug on.
Please can you let me know how i can fix this issue… thanks a lot


(also i get : throw new Error(‘jQuery requires a window with a document’)

best regards


You don’t need to use the stretched option that is provided by Page Builder, Moesia is already full width when you use the Front Page template.

I don’t know about masonry but it seems to be working?

Hi, thanks for your answer, greatly appreciated!
please have a look again - the masonry only worked because i inserted the shortcode [masonry query="…"] in the text widget of the page builder. but then i have the problem that i cant style it with padding left and right.

Now i have inserted the masonry widget in the page builder, but it is only visible with the firebug turned on.

The meta slider works - i put the template front page - it is just the masonry that is giving me a headache…

please help me resolve this… thanks…

Alternatively maybe you could tell me how to assign the padding left and right to the masonry on the front page as i dont want the masonry bricks to be full width? i installed the same website on another url
here i have the masonry working without the firebug on, but i dont want it full width on the front page (the news section underneath yes)
maybe this is easier?
thanks in advance
best, caroline

Again I’m going to ask you to remove the stretched option as it is not needed and so we can see properly what can be done.

I’ll try to help after you do this, but the masonry widget is not part of the theme so I don’t really know how and what it does.

thaks… but i have not activated the stretched option
settings are:

Page template: frontpage
row layout: standard
widget: masonry layout

row 2
row layout: standard
widget: meta slider

i put 2 rows as i thought i can put fullwidth for the one and standard for the other, but they are both now on standard


I meant on your other subdomain, where the widget works. Just leave it to standard.

ok on http://amos.sisonke-design.com/
yes, i now put both rows on the front page on standard

Alright, try to add this in a custom CSS plugin. Hopefully the masonry will recalculate itself according to this:

.so-masonry-container {
    max-width: 1170px;

just fabulous!! thanks a million

i wil definitely buy the moesia pro as your support and work is great! when i buy this theme, can i use it on more than one url?

Glad I could help.
Yeah, it’s GPL, you can use on as many sites as you wish.