Full width pages . Remove .hentry box or container to show the page content in whole display ( full width)

HI ,
I am using Astrid theme for my website. But i am facing little difficulties to make all the pages full width( already removed sidebar) . i customize in css but no result . I want to remove hentry box …because i am using two pictures - one for background another for pages .So that when I go to any pages it will looks like something is written on the background …not inside in any box . I tried to remove the .hentry box using the code given below but no effect.
.page-template-page_fullwidth .hentry,
.page-template-page_fullwidth .site-content > .container {
background-color: #6b6b6b;
border: none;

.page-template-page_fullwidth .hentry,
.page-template-page_fullwidth .hentry h1, 
.page-template-page_fullwidth .hentry h2, 
.page-template-page_fullwidth .hentry h3, 
.page-template-page_fullwidth .hentry h4, 
.page-template-page_fullwidth .hentry h5, 
.page-template-page_fullwidth .hentry h6 {
  color: #fff;

I already removed sidebar> i want full width use only for inside content …
I really need help . I will be grateful if anyone can help me with this. I tried lots of things last 3 days …but could make it happen . I really need expert’s help with this …All i want is to make my all pages full width.Thanks is advance

Hello there,

Try this CSS code, please:

    .page-template-page_fullwidth .site-content .container {
      width: 100%;

    .page-template-page_fullwidth .site-content .hentry {
      padding-left: 5px;
      padding-right: 5px;


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You are a life saver brother …working perfectly …thanks a lot …I really appreciate your help…i wasted so many times for that…thanks again for the solution :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.