Full width page


I was wondering if there are any possibilities to have some posts as full width page in this theme? Of not, are there any css-modifications that could be done to achieve it?




There is no option to do this. You could target those posts specifically with their IDs and add some CSS like this:

.postid-2048 .content-area {
   width: 100%;
.postid-2048 .widget-area {
   display: none;


Hi, thanks for your reply! Ok, I will try this solution. But in which CSS do I ad these codes? :slight_smile:


Would be best to use a custom CSS plugin and add it there.

Also, please not that you need to use your own IDs for the posts, what I gave you there is just a random number.


So I added a plugin called “Simple Custom CSS” and added the CSS above.

.postid-8 .content-area {
   width: 100%;
.postid-8 .widget-area {
   display: none;

But I don’t know if the IDs for the posts are correct? In the url it says ?p=8. But when I add the css to the custom css plugin, nothing happens…


Could you post the link for the post that you want to make full width?


Yes, this is one of the pages: http://www.sokshunden.no/om-oss/geir-bjorge-larsen/. Permalink: http://www.sokshunden.no/?p=8


Oh, you wanted pages, not posts.
Do it like this:

.page-id-8 .content-area {
   width: 100%;
.page-id-8 .widget-area {
   display: none;


Thank you, that was perfect :slight_smile: