Full width header and footer plus a question

Firstly I have to say this theme is absolutely amazing. But to make it really my own, I need to do some tinkering. I’ve already did most of the stuff, but there are things that grind my gears, one of them being the header and footer.

How would I achieve a full width header and footer? Basically I want it to go from: https://ibb.co/nB7dxx to this: https://ibb.co/jHoJxx

Any help is greatly appreciated :).

A bonus question: How do I make my pages text to align justify? I’m doing it by hand at the moment with: p style=“text-align: justify”> Some text here.</p. Is there a way to streamline the process?


Footer and header area width can be increased with css code below:

@media (min-width: 1200px) {
    .site-header .container,
    .footer-widgets .container,
    .footer-info .container,
    .site-footer .container {
        width: 90%;

Apply it from Appereance > Customize > Additional CSS field and adjust percentage value to your liking (it is fixed by default 1170px).

Best Regards!

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Thank you :). Works like a charm