Full width front page div


Take a look at my site: https://frakthjelp24.no

I am working on my div with class .front-box

This is a div right above the footer. I want it to be full width! I have tried several things, but can’t seem to make it right. I want it full width and responsive.

I have tried “width: 100vw” and “margin-left: -18%” but none of them work. “width: 100vw” leaves some space on the left side! Please help :slight_smile:

Just to clarify: When I say “full width” I mean full browser width.

Hello there,

There’s an easier way to achieve the same result. You could use Page Builder plugin. Once enabled, go to Settings > Page Builder; and ensure it’s enabled for Pages post type. Then edit your home page; switch to text mode editor; copy the content; then switch to page builder, insert a row and add a Text widget; then paste the copied content. Open the settings dialog of the row by clicking on the wrench icon.


Expand the Layout tab; scroll down and find the Row Layout dropdown; and select Full Width Stretched.


Update page.

For more complete tutorial about the use of Page Builder with our Sydney theme, check out this video tutorial:


To enrich your page variations, you can try our pre-made layouts.

Let me know if you have any other questions we can help.


Thank you so much. I will try it now.

Is there anyway to achieve this with only customizing CSS?


CSS code alone would be really complex.