Full Width Elementor not working with Airi

The full width for Elementor is not working on Airi.

This is my website: https://www.weposition.co.uk/


I’ve checked your site and I notice your pages already implement the full-width template and its working.

I want the blue box with the social media icons to go from one side of the page to the other with no white gaps on each side, it does not seem full width.

I see… Can you try to change the “Page Attribute” - “Template” to “Page Builder” instead?
You can see the Page Attribute options in the right side when you edit the page.

I have done this, and it is still not working.

Full width works with other themes, I am unsure why this theme is not working


I’ve tried to create a new page (in my localhost) with Page Builder template, then set the content width to Full width for the section and it’s worked.

How if you create a new page? If it’s still not working, can you create a temporary admin account to your site and send it to me via PM? Let me try to check it directly to your site.

I have Pm’ed you an admin account

solved, please remove the temporary account that you send it to me.