Full width desktop menu on ipad/tablet


Is it possible to have the full desktop style menu INSTEAD of the burger menu on an iPad or tablet? I’m happy with it on a phone, but ideally it’d be great if the full menu appeared on my site when viewed on an iPad as there is plenty of space for all the items.

Is there a bit of custom CSS I can add to my child theme?

This is the link to my site so you can see what I mean.

Thanks so much!

Hello there,

Please follow the solution in this topic:

that might be working for you as well.


Hi Kharis

I’ve just tried this and followed the instructions about pasting into another code editor for readability. However, my text editor says that it cannot find that piece of code. Argh!

Without much technical knowledge I’m a little wary of fiddling with the code too much. Is this the only way to ensure that the menu stays on when using a tablet or larger screen? There isn’t a nifty CSS bit of code I can use?

Here’s hoping…