Full-width Blog Not Working

Hi Vlad!

I was able to make all my other pages a full-width page (not the front page of course, that was left as a front-page) but when I tried setting my blog page to full-width, it still shows up with the right side-bar.

Did I miss something with settings somewhere in WordPress? And if so, how can I also make individual posts full-width?

To me it seems that the blog page and individual blog posts aren’t meant for full-width. If it wasn’t designed that way, then I shall leave it alone. At least I have my Bio, Contact, and Gallery pages full-with no problem.

P.S. Here is my link to the Blog page http://www.depthofallthings.com/blog



Page templates don’t work on the Blog posts page, that’s just the way Wordpress goes. Also, page templates don’t work on single posts. Though I think there are some plugins that force page templates on single posts.

But you can do it with a bit of CSS if you want in a custom CSS plugin.

.blog .content-area,
.single .content-area {
    width: 100%;
.blog .widget-area,
.single .widget-area {
    display: none;