Full width blog images

Is there a way to update settings or customization so that blog posts display the featured image in the header? Or alternatively, if I change secondary pages to NOT show a header, is there a way to make a featured image show full width on a blog?
I know that in page builder I can use visual editor and set a full width background image but that would still display BELOW the blog title, published date, and tags.

Any help is much appreciate.

Hello there,

Have you try to customize it from customizer > blog options? you can change the layout, feature image settings from there.


Awan - thanks for the reply and suggestion.
I have looked at the options on customizer.

The options, of course, allow me to make the blog post itself full-width. As far as the feature image, I can hid feature images on single posts.

What I cannot do - unless I’m missing something, is the ability to either:

  1. make the single blog post display the post’s featured image in the header? (which you can do with “pages”), or
  2. make a featured image show full width on a blog? (underneath the header)

As you can see in the attached, the blog’s featured image does not even stretch the same width as the blog post.

Thanks in advance for your response!


Oh I see, there is no option to make the blog images full width but you can modify it using these css code below:

.entry-thumb img {
    width: 100%;
    height: auto;

use simple custom css to apply the code above