Full width Blog and category page

We need blog page and all category pages in same style
i.e if i am using blog page in full with then category pages should be in full page is it possible?

2, I want to use “Cinzel” font from google font in my website.
how I can add in your font list?



  1. You can do it with a bit of custom CSS. Add this to a custom CSS plugin:

.archive .widget-area {
     display: none;
.archive .content-area {
    width: 100% !important;

  1. We’re working on a small plugin for the Moesia Extensions page which will allow you to choose any font from Google. It will probably be available tomorrow.

it’s worked for me :slight_smile: thank you!
Please update when new extension is available i am waiting.

thank for your quick support.
Qasim Nagori

What about your new Moesia extension page, is it available now?

Yeap, I forgot to let you know: https://athemes.com/moesia-extensions/

thank you, its good.

where exactly does that code get entered?

In a custom CSS plugin, like this one.