Full stretch height slider

Hi there,

I’m trying to stretch a slider to fill the entire widget, but doesnt seem to be working.
anyone can advice?

I’m using meta slider with 100% full width. I have set the layout padding on this widget to 0 as well.

here’s the link http://www.nourishsr.com/index.php/products/
As you can see, there’s white space at the bottom of the widget.

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Your meta slider on your homepage do fills the entire widget area, if you still see the slider with blank areas / not filling the whole widget area, please post a link to a screenshot about it, so I can check.

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Hi Csaba,

Thank you for the response. unfortunately i’m still having the same problem.
I created a row with 2 layout.
The right layout consists of an image on top, meta slider in the middle and another image at the bottom.
if i remove the 2 images in the left layout,the layout on the left will be filling the whole widget area.
once i add the 2 images, somehow the layout on the left is not fulfilled just as the right layout. I’m running out of idea how to make both layout are filled.

Here’s the link for more clearer http://www.nourishsr.com/index.php/products/

As you can see there’s white space inside the widget of the row.

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Sorry, I can’t see any white space there, can you, please post a link to a screenshot instead?

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