Full screen slider for specific pages

Dear Kharis

hi, I have read all the questions and answers may be related to my question but did not find my suitable answer. In my website (based on Sydney and Sydney child theme) I have chosen video for Front page header type and image for Site header type in “Customizing ▸ Header area ▸ Header type”. But only for two of pages I want to have a full screen slider.
Could you please show me a solution for developing this?

Appreciate your help !

Many Thanks,

Hello there,

Have you read my reply on this discussion?


Dear Kharis

Thanks a lot for your reply. I had read that discussion but I didn’t test it because I suppose we should have Slider for other pages and only change the slides and titles for some pages with dedicated IDs.
My problem is that Other pages will be “Image Header Type” and only two pages of them with dedicated ID are “Slider Header Type”.
However, Let me test this solution in this discussion and tell you the result.

Thanks again