Full screen slider disapear

Hi ,

I am building a website using Sydney Pro and building the front page with the page builder plugin

I am having a problem with the screen slider that disappeared, in the front page. I have tried to uninstall and install the theme again, deleted the front page and done it again, I tried all what I could think of but with no luck.

I noticed one thing though, that as soon as I change the Row width to “Full width” this happens (the full screen slider images disappear).

can you help?
My site:

Many thanks.


If you can switch back to Sydney I can have a look.

Thanks, I did switch back now.

OK , i have noticed another thing that may help !

In Firefox tools i have tried to change the <html dir=“RTL” lang=“he-IL”><head> to <html dir=“LTR” lang=“he-IL”><head> and then it actually shows the slider.

I am not expert at all in html, or how that affects, so I would appreciate your help in trying solving this.


Add this at the bottom of you stylesheet please, from Appearance > Editor:

.header-slider {
   direction: ltr;

Works, Great. Many thanks

Ok, after this CSS rule, for a reason and I am not sure why, the social

profile icons are not showing on the website.
instead, it showing me code : f167 f065d f09a

How to make it show the icons, please help

Can you please help


Seems you removed the backslashes from the code for the social icons. They should be something like this \f167 instead of just f167. Do you recall making this change?

No , i also uninstalled the theme and reinstalled it , just after i inserted the code above , the icons disappeared.

Shall I try to insert back slash to the css file and see if that brings them back?

Yeah. It’s probably your editor that removes them automatically. Not really sure.

I just did try to add the back slash on the CSS file , before the f09a (for Facebook ) after I updated the file , nothing happened , but also the back slash that i inserted disappeared

I did try to do it through the custom CSS and it works, I will do them like this, hope nothing else doesn’t change by it self again :slight_smile:

Nothing else should change hopefully. Still don’t know about the backslashes. I mean they’re in the code, I’m looking at them now. Don’t know why they’re removed in your file.

Vlad hi

In previous post , I have asked for your help with the header-slider , as my content is in Hebrew , I gave *{ direction: rtl;} which worked great until the last update , now the titles for the sliders are not working .

I still gave (.header-slider {direction: ltr !important;} as you gave as the solution in previous post , but its not affecting it with the new update.

can you help please.

thanks, Peter

never mind, fixed it