Full screen image and mobile view

Hi. We’ve trying free theme.
On full screen, images have bad quality (there’s a passage of resolution when you swithc on full screen:if u reduce the pic it’s ok).
Other: if u look at our site www.ilm.events, by mobile Chrome (Android 4), when you open the menu it disappears under the box of text page (es. on ilm.events/bosio).
We would purchase theme, but with these bug it’s not possible.
Best regards.

Sorry for my bad english…

The menu on mobile now works fine (we don’t know why).
Image: we’ve upload another image (actually a guitar) and it’s better, ma the passage from resolution is still present. It’s like a zoom of a center of the image.

Your image looked bad first time because it was too small. I really don’t understand what you mean about the resolution thing. The image scales down perfectly on your website, I’m not sure what you mean about the center of the image. Can you explain more?

Wich resolution is better for homepage images? Now we’ve upload the guitar image, 1500x940. Before we’ve upload our customer’s image, not so good like now.
We talk about the resolution switch when u resize a window. If u star with small windows browser (like 600x480) and get larger, the pic get a zoom on center of it. I hope i’ve explain it better than before.


That resolution your using now is good.

I understand now what you mean. At a screen width of 600px the image is scaled to fit the screen and is displayed in full. At browser widths more than 1024px the image switches from an image element to a background image in order to be full screen. Therefore the left and right margins of the image might not appear, simply because your image is not the same size as your browser. This is not a bug, it’s normal behaviour for background images.

We’ve understand now. If u resize window only orizzontally, there’s a switch more visible. If u resize vertically too, the image is resized proportionally and look fine. Thanks for answer. We’ll think to buy PRO version.

We’ve changed somethings now and on mobile the bug of the menu is returned. If u open one page and the want go on another page, the menu goes under the actual page, so u can’t see the menu.
Other: in mobile version the widgest at the bottom are’nt loaded? Social icons are not presente on mobile.

Too many questions…sorry!

Please download the latest version of the theme from here and it should fix your menu issue. Also, the widgets are now hidden on mobiles but in the version I linked above they’re displayed and you have an option to hide them if you want. That version is not yet live but it will be soon.

Let me know after you try it.

Thanx. We install it as soon as possible.

We’ve installed ver.1.09. All works fine. So it seems. :wink:
We test it tonight and tomorrow. Thank you for a while.
Have a nice time.

Good morning.
In PRO version, is there a possibility to add button on homepage (under welcome message) that send visitors on 2nd block (send under)? A button like “MORE”, or “+” o something like this?
Other: we need to add other email on the contacts forms, on the same widget. Ex:

Email: name1@domine.prova, name2@domine.prova, name3@domine.prova, all in the same widget “Contacts:Moesia”. In demo version you can use widget for 1 email, 1 address, 1 phone number.
Best regards.


You can do this in the free version too, as well as the pro version. You need to create a button from Customize > Welcome area and instead of an URL add the ID of of that second block. Create your button first and tell me the block you want and I’ll tell you what the ID is if you can’t figure it out.

Sorry, only one email available. But I see you found a nice way to do with with three widgets. You could also remove the titles for the second and third widgets so they are more grouped.

The 2nd block have no ID. Is a page without title. It’s better create a 2nd block like “Kills” or “employment”?

Widget - I just put a space in place of the title. Without any character the widget gives “CONTACT INFO” as default title. I’ve learned another thing. :wink:



Are you referring to your front page? You’re not really using it how you’re supposed to. Do this to make it look better if you plan to use it like this:

  • go to header.php and replace is_front_page with is_page_template('page_front-page.php')
  • add this to your CSS:

.page-id-263 .entry-content {
   padding: 60px 0;
#moesia_contact_info-4 {
    display: none;

You can use for the ID #main.

We know isn’t the correct use. Sorry, but we don’t need block or section, only menù and homepage like that.

Now, we that changes…site error.

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘(’ in /htdocs/public/www/wp-content/themes/moesia/header.php on line 42”

I’ve used only #main on welcome button and now works.

Widgets 2 and 3 are disappeared with that code, with titles on them too.

Sorry, I was in a hurry and I wrote it wrong. Replace it like this: is_front_page() with is_page_template('page_front-page.php').

And the other code is this:

.page-id-263 .entry-content {
   padding: 60px 0;
#moesia_contact_info-3 .widget-title,
#moesia_contact_info-4 .widget-title {
    display: none;

Edit: you can also replace #main with #site-navigation if you want, it would be better.

We don’t need PRO versione now, with your helps, but we buy it anyway, for your courtesy. Thanx for all.

Best regards

If we install PRO version we lost all personalized options in demo version, isn’t true?

Yeah, you’ll lose the colors and other few things.

Ok, thanks for all.

Best regards.