Full screen background picture

Dear Athemes support team,

when opening http://www.m3-schmiede.de/ with a browser fully opened (maximized on Windows) I can’t see the full slider image (tires of the car are cut).
If I make the browser window smaller I can see the full image.
Do you’ve any idea what is causing this?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Hello Wolfgang,

This is normal behavior, and it depends on which screen size - resolution you are viewing your page. If it is large screen, full image will be shown http://screencast.com/t/J2WPEtdYU3HK on notebook 1366x768 also http://screencast.com/t/AdM20bEv but if you are viewing your page on smaller screen image will be re-sized to screen width, and if there is not enough height for image to be displayed it will be cut.

All the Best!