Full posts on hompage

I’m going to go with the pro version as I like the featured post box at the top. I’m playing with the free version on my dev server at the moment.

A couple of questions

  1. Would it be possible to make the blog home page display each post with full content and not excerpts. Also could these posts include line breaks (i want to use this for a poetry site, and the poems are short so do not need to be truncated)

  2. The featured box on the home page of the pro version seems quite big for my purposes. Can the height of this box be adjusted? Also can the ratio of the featured image be change, it currently 50/50. I’d want it to be more like 25/75, with the image taking just a quarter of the block, and not being too tall.


  1. This is not an option in the theme because full content will look horrible in a masonry layout. But if your poems are short it’s an easy code change that can be done from a child theme. Switching to full content display will also allow any HTML.

  2. Again, it can be achieved with some code. Add this to your style.css to check it out:

.slide-thumb {
   width: 25%;
.slide-info {
    width: 75%;

Thanks for your help with this. I’ve purchased the pro version now and playig with it on the dev site. Do you think you could help me with question 1). I have set up a child theme. How do I activate full post mode? What files do I need to adjust?


Copy content.php to the child theme and replace the_excerpt(); with the_content();