Frustrating Padding


I tried the code in another post and it doesnt work

You seem to have an error in one of your plugins so I cannot access your website, but there is already a page template that has no top/bottom padding: the front page template. You can use it on any page.

the error has only recently happened… problem is the front page template brings in the slider onto the other pages I just want a blank page with the headewr

Not really sure I follow. The front page template doesn’t bring the slider on secondary pages, you can turn the slider off or switch to a header image for your secondary pages from Customize > Header Area > Header Type.

The code from your other post works but it needs to be modified with the actual page ID for the page you want this to happen. I’ll be happy to provide you with the new code once you solve the error so I can see your website.

solved it the error, sydney theme clashes with mailchimp sign up forms and max buttons

I see you switched to the front page template to get rid of the padding. If you ever want to go back to the previous template for that specific page you can use this code to make the padding go away:

.page-id-10 .page-wrap {
      padding: 0;