Front Page

Hi, my site is

If you scroll down the front page past the big photos, there are 3 links starting with:

‘‘Why Malawi should be your next African adventure’’ ending with
’‘A quick guide to planning your trip to Lake Malawi’’

These links should only be in the "Travel News"which is in the main menu and not repeated when you scroll down past the photos on the front cover page,
Is there a way to remove them from the main page and just have them in the clickable link on the main menu?



Hello Alan,

Currently your homepage shows your latest posts, you might want to set up static front page to make it look like our demo site (you can read Sydney theme documentation here):

To add these posts to your menu, please go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus -> select Primary Menu from drop-down list -> add the posts to menu (you can find more info on how to do it here and here).

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards, Roman.