Front page width


Thanks a lot for another nice theme. I’m newly setting up my site and have several issues.

First, fit of my front page is not okay, there is no space at the left and right parts. Please see this:

Second, I need help about call to actions bottons at the top. How can I add more than two? And how can I make the links open in a new tab?



Use the front page template for your front page please.
Unfortunately, you cannot add more than two buttons.

Thanks. What about opening in new tab? I found a methos of putting target_blank. But not sure where to put that.

The buttons are defined in /inc/slider.php. You’ll see them at the bottom of that file.


How do i customize the front page text and animation over the sliders?

Is there a way that i can have the text changed whenever the slider image changes?


Nope, there is no way to change it. Only the site title and description can be shown.

Hi Vlad,

I have seen this guy earlier changing Only the font of the front page (Although he has changed the theme now).

I saw another guy changed the main tagline text font colour and size which appears on the front end, did you get a chance to have a look?

Secondly, i am able to link services section with the link, what about the “ABOUT US” section, how do i link it?
the link doesn’t accept the “spaces” e.g US.


I figured out the desired changes in text by editing the style.css file, but still not able to link the “About US” section.

Although i noticed one thing, the moment i put the site logo the text disappears, i don’t know why this is happening? Is it normal or am i doing something wrong?

In addition, is it possible to change the logo position?

Sorry, I didn’t understand your first question properly. I thought you only wanted to change the text when the slides change.

About us section has #about_text ID.

Yeap, it’s normal, the logo replaces the text.

You can change the position by adjusting the padding: .site-branding {
    padding: 150px 0;

Yeah, you are right, initially i wanted to change the text when the slide change but like you said it’s not possible. Then i changed the size of the text which stays over the slides by editing the style.css.

I will give a try by adjusting the padding for the logo position change.