Front page text not responsive on Iphone

Just road-testing your Sydney theme before upgrading to pro. Come up against a few probs (home page slider text disappears completely on iphone, fine on mac) Page pics not responsive on iphone, also fine on mac). Here’s the site


The text slider is hidden on small screens, though this is changed for the next version.
If you’re referring to the header image - then yeah, the slider is full screen on all devices. It can’t be full screen and also show your image in full. It’s just a difference of ratios.

Thanks, when is the next version out? And is there a work around in the meantime? Text critical for my site.

Hi again Vlad, grateful if you can let me know on my question re: next version release date/workaround soonest - as can’t proceed without responsive text on home page. Need to know before going any further and hoping to get alot of work done on this today.
Much appreciated.

It’s out of our hands, the update is waiting to be reviewed. You can download it directly from here manually though.

Great, thanks!