Front Page Only

Hi guys,

I’m trying to setup a site which uses only the front page.

Pages: setup a single page > added the following rows and inserted 1 widget per row

Row 1 - Sydney FP: Services Type A
Row 2 - Sydney FP: Services Type B
Row 3 - Sydney FP: Text (I’ve added the contact form 7 code here)

I would like the main menu to take the viewer to the section on the front page where they can view the contents of each of the above rows instead of taking the viewers to a the page. Could you please let me know if this is possible with this theme and how I can achieve it?

Thank you


Each row has an ID. Check your page ID (edit the page and see the URL).
Then go to your menu and add some custom links and in the URL field add this and replace PAGEID:
The row count starts from 0.

Hi Vlad,

Thank you for getting back to me.

When I try editing the page, it does comes up with what appears to be a post ID (Its definitely setup as a page using the Front Page template) instead of the pageID

Do I need to change the template to something else? Not too sure why the PAGEID is not appearing.

Vlad, please disregard the previous post as I’ve figured it out.

This has brought a new problem which I’m happy to post as a new post (please let me know if you would prefer this).

When a menu is selected, it displays the correct section on the front page but the header covers the top section. How can I go about getting the selected section to appear just under the header and not behind it?

Thanks Vlad

It has already a bit of offset. Can you post your link so I can see exactly?

BTW - I know I can set the Menu Style to static but would like to have the menu still available and inline with the selected section of the front page if possible.

Thank you

Well, the titles are visible. Anyway, that offset is optimized to work with the menu set to inline rather than centered. If you set it to inline the spacing will be bigger.

Also, you should really resize your images. They’re huge and they affect the load time.

Hi Vlad,

With that being the case, can you please let me know how I could go about replacing the main title with a logo/image instead of the text?

Also, thank you for the tip re images.


Sure: Customize > Site title/tagline/logo


Thanks for your response. This places the logo in the header. What I meant to ask was, is there a way to replace the ‘Site Title’ with a logo image?

Not really sure I follow. That one in the header is the Site Title.

Or do you want to add it over your header image? That’s not possible but you could use the bundled Revolution Slider in your header and achieve anything you want.

Ahh yes, sorry. It was the title for the slides I was hoping to replace with an image but all good if it can’t be done.

Thanks for your help Vlad.