Front page not showing on mobile

Hi there,
I hope anybody can help me out.
When I want to watch my site on my mobile device (Iphone), the articles are coming out instead of my front page. What I need to set? many thanks

Hello Daniele,

I guess that one of your plugins cause this issue. Try to deactivate all and activate them one after another. Then you can see which one causes this.

Thank you, I just tried to deactivate one by one and check, but unfortunately nothing changed.

Is it maybe an altervista-thing which comes with their hosting? Otherwise I don’t have a real idea where it comes from. Did you apply any changes or was it from the very beginning?

it’s from the beginning. I have just started to work on it. I will try with some other host. many thanks anyway

Did you have any plugins acitvated?
If changing the host doesn’t help, it has to be a plugin issue.

Good luck!

I’m trying with netsons and it’s working now! Many thanks again :wink: