Front page missing after importing demo content

I followed the steps on documentationand when I go to customize to set the front page to a static page, there is only “sample page” under front page drop-menu and I am not able to select front page!

When I imported quill-import.xml file, I received 4 errors but according to this I shouldn’t worry about those errors.


It is not quite theme related question. You have fresh WP installation and you only have “sample page”, from WP admin go to Pages and create Front page. You can assign any page to be your Front page and it can be named however you want.

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Thank you but quill-import.xml file is supposed to create the front page as it is in the demo.

Yes, try to import it again, it is common problem when importing content in WP regardless of creator of the theme :slight_smile: .

I wanted to make point that you can create your website without demo content, although it is much easier with the demo, especially when you are not familiar with the theme.

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