Front page is effed-up

Got up this morning and checked my site, and was gobsmacked by the issues that suddenly appeared. See it here.

These all seem to be about Visual Editor, with some exceptions. Blocks created in Visual Editor are now wall-to-wall, their titles no longer in title format. The gallery looks especially horsey. The Animate It! plugin code is now visible on the Services icons. And so on.

Is this an upgrade issue with Visual Editor? With Page Editor? What’s the ASAP fix?

Yesterday I had a client comment on how great my front page looked, which was good news because I’m hoping to sell her a website makeover. Hope she’s not checking back today.


“Page Builder,” I should say. Apparently they did an upgrade in the last few days?

Hi, yes. Downgrade it to 2.0.7

see this post

Thanks! That fixed it.


How do you downgrade to 2.0.7?

You don’t need to downgrade it anymore. Just make sure you update the theme.