Front page image slider or video

Hello, I would love to have a slider for the front page or a video, Would you please advise the best way to do this? Thank You

Hello Hank,

unfortunately, there is no option yet to enable a slider/video for the header.

I have seen this website and they use a video, how can you do that? or a slider at least…

There is no option, the people from that site probably coded it themselves.

Hi, that’s a shame. As a Sydney Pro use, I would also like to have video on the front page. Any plans on make this possible in the near future? : )

I actually baught the theme to promote my filmmaking business, so this would be great. Many thanks in advance.

As I have no reply on that matter from the Keymaster for 9 days, I thought it might be useful to inform that I managed to integrate video on the Background of the Front Page (and any page basically) by using this plugin

It’ll be great if the official support of a product I paid for would reply to comments and share their view about planning to include a Video BAckground Function for Sydney Pro users. Many Thanks.

@Bellerophon: Sorry, sometimes replies get lost. You can see we’re active around here so it’s not like we don’t want to answer. Besides, you can always use the contact form or email me directly if you don’t get a reply in 24 hours on the forums.

Anyway, we’re not planning a video background option for Sydney Pro but we are planning a video header option.

@Vlad Thanks for updating me on this subject. You’re right cause I just experienced what you wrote (about replies getting lost) cause I only saw yours now.

Video header is good but video background is better. Is it really that hard to implement a “native” video background solution for Sydney Pro?

I’m using the wpmbytplayer plugin currently for this but native is native and I can’t really know how difficult such a function would be for the themes code.

Don’t get me wrong plse, I’m really happy with the theme. It’s just that I really need video backgrounds. The perfect situation would be a slider with video background, like this one:

Thanks again.