Front Page Image Size


When designing the front page static image from scratch, what is the correct size?

If I were to choose a size manually such as 1280 x 720, what would be the best size to make the image for the least amount of trouble.



Dear Clay,

It depends on your need. 1280 x 720 would work fine. The image will always cover the entire screen above 1024 viewport width. If you want the image looks great on retina device, I’d recommend 2880 x 1356.

> … to make the image for the least amount of trouble

What kind of trouble is it? Could you please elaborate it?

As an information, the homepage slider image is a background actually. By default, its background size property is cover which behaves to scale the image as large as possible and maintains image aspect ratio (the image doesn’t get squished). Please refer here.

I hope this reply helps.