Front Page Header

Hi there!

I’m setting up your theme Quill today and have run into a small issue I’d like help solving. From what Ive gathered reading through other support requests, The header portion of the static front page utilizes a slider effect, while all other pages have a single image/parallax effect. I have no need for the slider and would only like to display one image on the front page header.

How can I put just one image in the slider without it sliding over to a blank gray background? Is there a way to delete all other slides? If I make all slides the same image, the slider still functions and i get a weird looking fade from image to image.

Id be happy to work out a way to just implament the parallax look on my static front page if possible, however I read somewhere that wasn’t an option as of yet. If you could point me a lump of code to replace in the homepage file to get rid of the slider function and replace it with the regular parallax option that would be great!

Really enjoying the theme!

Did you figure it out please?

Having the same problem. Help please!

Actually found a solution here:

And just adjusted opacity to 0.01

I also have this issue. I’ve uploaded a correct size header image, and disabled the slider. But the header image never displays and instead it only shows the header color I chose before the image was uploaded.

What am I missing to get a static header image?