Front Page crashes


I just recently started working on this theme, so I’m still learning all the bits n bobs.

I have installed the 2 suggested plugins, I have imported the Types settings (v5) and have created a Testimonials page to start with.

The front page has been set to be a static page (through the customization settings). That page is one with “Front Page” template and I have added the Testimonials through the Page Builder. However, when trying to load the site, it crashes! It loads just a blank page.

I looked around the forum, but can’t find anything relevant.

What could I be doing wrong?



Perhaps you made some code changes? I personally don’t recall anybody crashing the site, so you won’t find anything on the forum.


No, none whatsoever. Could it be that it’s on WordPress 3.81 ?



Yeah, it could be. The theme wasn’t tested on 3.8.1, but it was developed on 3.9 and it should not have any issues with 3.8.1 so I’m guessing it’s one of the plugins. Anyway, you should update.


That was it. Just updated.

It was due to a specific plugin that I was keeping it to 3.81, but just found an alternative.

Thanks for the swift replies.