Front Page Body & Footer Shrinking to Left

Hi, Just upgraded to Pro version after getting most of the site done in Free version. Re-calibrated all Customiser options exactly as in Free theme. Looks great but as I scroll down on front page the body section is over to the left and no longer full width like the header image.
Then if I scroll down further the footer is even further to the left and the footer is also not full width on my other pages.
I am currently in maintenance mode so cannot give you a link but will give you access to site when you request it. I have done a screen shot too (zoomed out but shows whats happening) have tested in Chrome, IE and Firefox they all show same effect. It doesn’t work at all in Opera (header shows but all content is missing).


Also, I have changed font in Customiser and it keeps changing back to default automatically.



Sorry cant get the screenshot to show.

Follow this link


I would need to see the website, there’s probably a conflict with something. Have you added any custom code?

No custom code. It all worked perfectly until I upgraded today.

How can I securely send you log in details?

You can send it to