FP Moesia latest news extandable to 6 posts?

Hi there,

i am playing with your frontpage design and got everything setup. Is there any way to display 6 news with the FP moesia latest news widget in page builder? Right now it is only showing 3 and the only options i can find is to select what news categories should be shown…


There isn’t an option for this. You can open up fp-latest-news.php, search for posts_per_page and switch to 6. It’s recommended to do this from a child theme.


I did this modifications in a child theme
no matter if i put fp-latest news in a folder called widgets in the child theme or in the child theme root folder, it still only shows 3 posts.

Does your theme has issues with child theme? same happened for the colors…

do i have to do anything else to make it show 6 posts?

I did some testing, and if i delete the fp-latest-news in the parent directory, it doesnt load it from the child theme…
something is off here…

Nothing is off. That’s not how widgets work. Wordpress only loads files from the child theme that are part of the template hierarchy. The widgets are not. Do a search on the these forums for unregister_widget and you’ll see some examples I provided for doing this.
I also made a note to include an option to select the number of posts in the next theme version in case you want to wait for that.

Hi Vlad,

sounds good if you add it to the next version. I fixed it temporarly in the parent theme and modified the file.

so but if i add the file in moesia-child/widgets/fp-latest-news.php wordpress wont load that?

I will do a search thanks.
And cant wait for the next version of the theme.

Here also some other glitches I encountered:

the button colors dont change even if i change the color in the customize tab of the theme configuration.
button is set to blue but it is still default red. you can see this if you open the search in the header.

also if i add non fp-moesia widgets the underline of the title is red as well instead of blue (my setting)
all moesia fp widgets respect the setting, other widgets dont. Maybe i am doing somethign wrong :slight_smile:

I am also thinking about going pro on moesia theme. I like the functionality.

another thing, the alignment could be off, if one of the intro texts is to long and another one to short. I have the issue right now on my site. It creates now three rows.
the second row is only one past and the third one two posts…

What alignment are you referring to?

i have changed the post count to 6 whch was pretty great until i added a post, which had a smaller picture and shorter worts in the headline as well as in the intro text.

now i got 3 posts in the first row
1 post in the second row and
2 posts in the third row

but it should be only 2 rows with 3 posts. i changed it back to 3 right now because of that.

it kinda looked like this:

instead of

I see. This will fix it if I understand the issue correctly:

.blog-post:nth-of-type(3n+1) {
   clear: left;

Hi Vlad that seemed to fix the issue.
I will watch it with the future posts if it changes.

another question,

with the frontpage i used also widgets which are not a frontmage widget from your moesia theme.
For example I added one text box widget. Now the headline/title of that widget is underlined in red instead of the blue I have selected in the theme customization.
Is there a way to make this underlining of the headline blue as well.
and how do i change the search button to blue as well? I have set the button colors to blue but for example the search button is still red.


Use this please:

.panel.widget .widget-title:after {
    border-color: #49c1f4;
input[type="submit"] {
    background-color: #49c1f4;
    box-shadow: 0 5px 0 #32738E;

Hi Vlad this worked until the recent update to the theme

now the widget i added on the frontpage which is not a fp-moesia widget has the headline completely messed up.

diffrent text size, aligned left not underlined as it was supposed to and no color at the lines.

can you check this please…

Yeah, the Page Builder guys changed .panel to .so-panel so it stopped working when you updated the plugin, not the theme. Do this change in your custom code and it will work again.

Another problem i found:

when i activate infinite scroll from jetpack it loads the new posts with the featured image small and to the left side of the post instead of the large image above the posts…

In the theme customization I selected large images.

how can i fix this…

The theme needs to be actually compatible with infinite scroll, which is not the case here.

is there an easy way to make it compatible?
like with the child theme we did with the search site I believe? copying and renaming?

would this be an option for a future version of the theme?

Hi Vlad,

I changed panel to so-panel but it still looks the same…

Refresh your page, it should work. Post a link to your website too please so I can check.

Don’t know about infinite scroll, will look into it.

This is the link:

i deleted cache on pc and on server and also tried to refresh a couple times. still the same…

Sorry, you need to revert back to the previous version of Page Builder until our next theme version goes live. It was submitted, it will take a couple of days. So the topic below this one.