FP: Latest News - B widget (messages are no longer displayed)

Hello Support team,

Since I updated Sydney Pro to version 2.1.2, the Sydney FP: Latest News - B widget on the homepage no longer works properly (the messages are no longer displayed).

What’s going wrong?

Befor update:

After update:

Temporary url with version Sydney Pro 2.1.2:

Old version with Sydney Pro 2.0.26: https://elgustoworkum.nl/

What’s going wrong?



I am sorry for the trouble.

I am going to check it with our development team to investigate it further. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the solution.

aThemes Support

Have you found anything yet?

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Sorry the delay here!

Really there’s a issue and we are working to resolve that. For now please try the following steps below to fix:

  1. Install and activate the TC Custom JavaScript plugin
  2. Go To Appearance > Custom JavaScript
  3. Paste the following code into the provided box

    if( $('.latest-news-wrapper').length ) {
            navigation : false,
            pagination: true,
            responsive: true,
            items: 3,
            itemsDesktopSmall: [1400,3],
            itemsTabletSmall: [600,1],
            itemsMobile: [360,1],
            touchDrag: true,
            mouseDrag: true,
            autoHeight: false,
            autoPlay: false


We hope this helps and thanks for your patience!

Please try that and let us know if you need further assistance.

Kind Regards,


aThemes Support

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