FP: Contact multiple address Google Map Marker

Hi Guys,

Im using the Moesia Pro theme and im wondering if its possible to show multiple addresses for the Google Map Marker?


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Not by default, no. But I think it could be done if you have a child theme so you can overwrite the contact widget from that child theme with some different code. Of course, I can help with that if you need.

Help is always appreciated, i’m a bit new to wordpress websites!

Well, first you’ll need to create a child theme for Moesia Pro.
Second, you’ll need to do something like it is explained in this post, adapted for the widget you want to change. But let me know first after you make your child theme.
All this process might be a little tricky, but it’s more of a learning experience if you want to go through it.

I think I’ve managed to create a child theme and i have activated it.
I’ve used a plugin to create the child theme.

Did that plugin create a functions.php file in your child theme?
If you’re using a plugin like Orbisius you can also send me an admin account and your markers for the map at vlad[at]athemes.com and I’ll try to do the changes for you so we can speed this up. Though probably tomorrow.

where can in find the functions.php ? also im doing this locally on my mac first so i dont think you can access it. Is there any other way you can help me?

It’s okay, we’ve already decided to add this in the next theme update. I’m curious, how many addresses do you plan on adding?

sorry for the late reply.
including it in the next update would be awesome! when will this go live?

im planning on using between 2-8 addresses i think.

In the next couple of days because we just had one a few days ago. We probably won’t include too many marker fields.