FP: Clients - No Link

I am using the Sydney FP: Clients Widget. When I add a new Client, there is no link behind the image although I set up a link in the respective field. For two other clients it works. See here: http://tradevola.com/en/ (Our Partners)

Really nobody? I didn’t change the widget at all. It just doesn’t work. What do you need else as information in order to help me out with this problem?


Sorry for the delays…

Not sure what cause it but the link should be working.

Have you try to remove it and recreate the client item?

hi awan, yeah, i did recreate it, several times. i even recreated the whole set (deleted all) and recreated the page builder item which stored the FP Client.


can you create new credential as admin of your site and send it to awan.rimbawan101 at gmail? Hope I can help you further.

hi awan, thanks for your reply. what do you mean by create new credential and send it to you? what shall i send to you? regards


I need to check your site directly. I mean you can create new login account to your site as administrator and send it to my email :slight_smile:

Hi Awan, I am sorry, but I won’t create an admin account for somebody else. If there is a solution that can be found on the backend of wordpress, pls tell me where to look. I rather suspect the error in the database or in the code of the FP: Clients thing, there the admin link won’t help you much.


Its okay, then you have to open the fp-clients.php under widgets directory. You have to check the code under this line <div class="roll-client">

So, if you need more help to fix this issue, I think you can hire a webdeveloper or you can also ask to codeable for full support :slight_smile: