Formatting questions


Could I ask x3 questions please?

  1. If I add a text widget to the front page, how can I change the colours? I was hoping that a new option would appear under ‘front page colours’ sidebar but I cant seem to locate it.

  2. If I only have one posting and it pulls through into the latest news section on the front page it defaults to the left hand side - is there any way of making this centred?

  3. On the footer credit - is there any way to make this a link to my site?


  1. No, it wouldn’t appear there :slight_smile: Easiest option would be to add some inline styles. For example <p style=“color:#333;”>Your text</p>
  2. No, this wouldn’t be possible. I’m guessing you’ll have three posts sometime soon?
  3. Sure, it accepts HTML. You can add <a href="">My site</a>

Hi Vlad

Many thanks for the quick response!

I can see that there is a text tab on the more basic pages, but when widgets have been added to a page this option disappears.

I really dont want to ask you this question but where do I insert this code? Is there a tutorial anywhere that can guide me through the process please?

I am really concerned that I may corrupt the template by inserting code in the wrong place.

Thanks again.

You should never insert or change code in the parent theme. But it’s not the case here.

First code I gave you needs to be added inside a text widget, because you said you want to change the text color there.

The second code goes in the Footer credits option which can be found if you go to Customize.

Fantastic Vlad - thank you so much!

While I am on a roll can I ask x2 more formatting questions please:

  1. I need to put some test tables into a page - basically a series of 4 colored boxes across a page with lists inside the boxes (hope this makes sense!) I have achieved a not very good result by importing them as pictures using the x4 visual editor plug ins across a row. Am I missing an easy way to achieve this result?

  2. On the front page is there an easy way to change the height of the call to action widget so that it shows more of the photo?

Thanks again for your patience and help!!

  1. If you’re handy with HTML you could build them like that. If not, you can search online for HTML table generators. Then use the code in a text widget.
  2. You can with a bit of custom CSS. I’ll need to see the page so I can give you the code.